About This Blog

Over the years, I have discovered that artists as well as writers have blocks. "Artist Block" is the term. That unfortunate occurrence when not one ounce of creativity or imagination can be concocted for a craft, project, or artwork. So this blog is the answer! I created it to share my artwork and creative ideas, while also displaying the artwork and creative ideas of others. Here you can learn about various artists, art mediums, and art techniques. This blog is mine as well as yours to share with each other those sparks of inspiration needed to create masterpieces.
By Jordan Kennedy 

Please fill free to post your ideas, questions, comments, and artist block problems. I would be honored to help! In terms of copyright, my work is solely mine. 

All the information and artwork I post is for instruction and enjoyment only. If there are issues with any copyrights laws, please inform me and I will see it resolved.