Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Wallpaper Collection

The Wallpaper Collection Continues! I'm sharing some of my favorite desktop wallpapers to add some fun, color, and inspiration to the day. Remember these pics are for personal use only and were gathered across Google Images and my own ventures. I'm working on uploading direct links soon. 

For this group of the collection, I could not decide on a name. The common themes are as follows:  watercolors, flowers and plants, inspiring quotes,  framed wallpapers, paint splashes, spring, & just colorful. More wallpapers will be added here as well as in future posts.  

"Live Your Dream" was a photo I took of a box I saw in a store. If you'd like a copy for personal use only, then comment or contact me. It's only one size but I found it works great on multiple computer platforms as a desktop wallpaper.