Thursday, February 2, 2017

No Time For Art ?!

   Let's face the facts- Finding time during your busy week of work, study, travel, or maintaining the household is almost near impossible. That oil you were going to paint, the sewing project that's been untouched for two months, or a new graphic you hoped to complete... It is hard to find time and make time to let your creative juices flow like magic. So what can you do to improve the situation? Do you let the days, weeks, and maybe even the years roll by? 
   Like all of your skills and talents, one's artistic and creative side is equally important. Not only are such interests a part of you,  art is one of the many sides that make your "gem" yours truly. You don't have to be gifted or your definition of a "good" artist. How good you are at certain abilities does play a part in what you do daily, however, all of one's talent's should be used like tools. You learn and grow from further use improving your aptitude of the trade. Untouched tools, will grow rusty and forgotten. So shake off the dust! Art may be more for pleasure for you, then a full-out hobby like hiking. That's okay too! 
   For me, my studies and have completely taken up all my time. I had to cut back on my blogging, my personal website project, and anything art-related. Even for assigned projects, I had to limit the amount of time in the final "clean up" or presentation mainly due to time constraints. I miss it. Art is how I channel my ideas, creativity, and imagination. When I'm painting or drawing, I feel so relaxed. It truly is therapy of another kind. You might be wondering how I'm coping? Well, that my dear readers is why I created this post today. Part of my New Year's resolution was to get back into the groove little by little. My "steps" are small to say the least, but for now this is what I can do. Here are a few ideas to bring art back into the day:

1) Decorate Your "Habitat" (Work Space & Home)
I spend a lot of time on my computer and phone so I've spiced things up with fun desktop wallpapers and backgrounds. There are several web designers and artists who post free desktop wallpapers with an artsy-chick flair for download. In my next posts, I hope to shed more light onto these artists and share my favorite wallpaper finds from the web! In addition, decorate your home or work space seasonally for the holidays. Changing things up is refreshing and can really get your gears turning out new ideas. 

2) Coloring Books                                  Haven't you heard? Coloring books are for adults too, "officially". There are now thousands of coloring books especially designed for adults from basic to hard-core coloring. I never imagined the idea would grow like wild fire. Men and women alike have found coloring a great way to relieve stress, relax, and calm the mind. "Take a coloring break" was what one book stated that I saw at a bookstore. There are even coloring book calendars that you color each month. It would make for a good coloring habit schedule. I myself have been caught up in the tide too. In one year, I've been given four coloring books and two sets of color pencils as gifts. I am no where near finishing one book, however, I can always come back to a coloring page. There's no cleaning brushes or dragging out tons of craft supplies. I can carry a coloring books and pack of pencils around with me easy. It is hassle free, relatively cheap, and has no time pressures. 

3) Pinterest
Pinterest is a major outlet for me. I like to think it as the visualization of my creative side. The other half of my brain that is sending off ideas like sparks and connects just about all my interests. I can follow artists I admire, gather craft ideas, and learn new tricks. I even made a board for this blog that you can access and follow! I know pinning is not doing. Although, I believe it is still a great way to keep your mindset of future projects and new project possibilities. 

 New posts on wallpaper designers and art software coming soon....