Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Message from Me to You:

    "Hi everyone! I know its been a while since I've blogged and I missed some golden opportunities to do  my special holiday art posts. I hope to once again return to my usual blogging routine. However, I am currently trying to reach toward future career opportunities which requires all of my attention and strength. And as much as I love this blog, my desire to achieve these future goals is stronger than anything I could ever imagine. This blog is still very special to me. It keeps me connected to my love of creating and studying art. For me, it is more than just a hobby or appreciation... its part of who I am. I love becoming one with the canvas or any project for that matter. It makes me reach deep into my imagination and puts all of my creative juices to the test. I find that I feel encouraged to give it my very best and put my all into my work. I get so excited about the infinity possibilities my thoughts explode:
What should I do? 
That's it! 
I could do this... 
Well if I used...Oh! I could do it this way. 
Yes. Perfect!
I am a genius. 
But what colors? Hmm.. Ahah!
These colors are just soooooo fun! 
I might not be a great artists or dedicated enough in the trade to call myself one. This is true in that I've taken very few art classes and competed in only a few competitions. I also have not painted in almost 2 years now. Despite this, I know my love of art is still strong. Art draws forth some of my best skills and gives me peace of mind. I have not abandoned art, but expanded my horizons toward new interests and goals. In doing so I have come to find the same enjoyment as before (from painting, ect...) from blogging, pinning, reading, or coloring in a coloring book as a means to express my love of art.  
    Please, dear readers, be patient and know that this blog is still very young. I have no intention to give it up or diminish my love of art. I have plans for the future that I wish to pursue no matter what. It is also true that I think on this blog often and continue to formulate plans for its' future even when I am away. You have not been forgotten. Thank your for your support and encouragement over the years! I hope that you will all continue to walk by my side as I venture down new paths and a new year. "

Best Wishes,
Jordan Kennedy