Friday, February 26, 2016

Coded with Love

     Recently, I came across a interesting add to create a heart by Made with Code.  I was curious and clicked the link to join the free online project "Coded with Love." The project allows one to create or "code" a heart to share the love and display one's love of coding. It is very simple. The site walks through the creation process in very clear manner and with little to no time at all you'll be making hearts like crazy. You can make as many hearts as you want. You can also save your heart as a GIF and share it with others. Here's mine below along with the link. Try it out!

Visit to make your own heart today! 
Click "Project" then "Coded with Love."

  Made with Code is an initiative to encourage girls towards the study of Computer Science so that they might be inspired to pursue their  passions and one day contribute to society.  This initiative extends beyond the walls of cyberspace as a mere website to real life involvement in establishing a community of mentors and girls seeking to bring the world closer together with coding. The website contains several free projects that introduce the world of coding and unlock all the possibilities it has to offer. These projects can be easily saved and shared allowing for even more global networking.  The website also provides additional resources to further aid in the discovery of coding and how to mentor others too. With links to projects, mentors, communities, resources, and their mission,  Made with Code creates a truly inspiring network to bridge the gap between the number of ladies in STEM fields.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Message from Me to You:

    "Hi everyone! I know its been a while since I've blogged and I missed some golden opportunities to do  my special holiday art posts. I hope to once again return to my usual blogging routine. However, I am currently trying to reach toward future career opportunities which requires all of my attention and strength. And as much as I love this blog, my desire to achieve these future goals is stronger than anything I could ever imagine. This blog is still very special to me. It keeps me connected to my love of creating and studying art. For me, it is more than just a hobby or appreciation... its part of who I am. I love becoming one with the canvas or any project for that matter. It makes me reach deep into my imagination and puts all of my creative juices to the test. I find that I feel encouraged to give it my very best and put my all into my work. I get so excited about the infinity possibilities my thoughts explode:
What should I do? 
That's it! 
I could do this... 
Well if I used...Oh! I could do it this way. 
Yes. Perfect!
I am a genius. 
But what colors? Hmm.. Ahah!
These colors are just soooooo fun! 
I might not be a great artists or dedicated enough in the trade to call myself one. This is true in that I've taken very few art classes and competed in only a few competitions. I also have not painted in almost 2 years now. Despite this, I know my love of art is still strong. Art draws forth some of my best skills and gives me peace of mind. I have not abandoned art, but expanded my horizons toward new interests and goals. In doing so I have come to find the same enjoyment as before (from painting, ect...) from blogging, pinning, reading, or coloring in a coloring book as a means to express my love of art.  
    Please, dear readers, be patient and know that this blog is still very young. I have no intention to give it up or diminish my love of art. I have plans for the future that I wish to pursue no matter what. It is also true that I think on this blog often and continue to formulate plans for its' future even when I am away. You have not been forgotten. Thank your for your support and encouragement over the years! I hope that you will all continue to walk by my side as I venture down new paths and a new year. "

Best Wishes,
Jordan Kennedy