Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Art of the Land

    October has just begun and the soon arrival of the colors of autumn! Fair days, hay rides, corn field mazes, and halloween parties will be coming around in the following weeks... Man, I'm excited! I hoped to celebrate this fun month through a series of enticing, fall-inspired art posts (That's right-Jordan is back for now)! To ignite this series of posts, today's focus will be on returning to nature, to harvest,... to the land. I hope you enjoy this assortment of the art of the land and that you may get inspired by the fall palates they showcase. All of these pieces are unique in design so I would encourage you to investigate these techniques.
(Your guide to the identify: Artist // Art Media // Websites)

Our Earth and the Sun // written by Czesław Janczarski // Illustrated by Halina Gutsche, 1972.

Artist Unknown

M.N. // Watercolor // _ 

Sandra K. White // Watercolor // Watercolor Works - Art by Sandra K. White

Rebecca Vincent // Giclee Prints // Horsley Printmakers- Rebecca Vincent Artist

Brittney Lee // Paper // The Art of Brittney Lee // Etsy Shop Brittney Lee
I love her work with paper. Everything is happy and colorful! She also has a blog here on Blogger!

Ed Mell // Painting-Lithograph // Medicine Man Gallery

David Galchutt // _ // David Galchutt Website // Etsy Shop Artmeister

B.R. // (Pinterest Find)

Artist Unknown // Mural // WDW Epcot- "Living with the Land" attraction