Thursday, October 29, 2015

Happy Halloween Greetings!

     Halloween is just two days away and if you haven't sent any cards this season you might just find the perfect card here. Making greeting cards is always fun, but can be tedious and messy to mass produce several. Card shopping can be irritating too. Another alternative is e-cards, which have become quite popular and can be sent by almost any form of electronic means (like texting and email). I don't believe is tossing the how idea of sending mail and buying cards. However, they do save time and money. In addition, I can send these messages to family, friends, and my Facebook acquaintances without having to worry if the letter will arrive on time. There are companies that design e-cards you can buy, but I just send pictures and GIFs. Here are some awesome halloween greetings you can download to your computer and share. For more, check out my Pinterest boards: "A Message from Me to You" and " A Message for My Valentine."