Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Art of Mermaids

   Mermaids are usually described as beautiful aquatic creatures with the upper torso of a human and instead of legs, a long fish tail. They are known worldwide, appearing in the tales and folklore of several cultures. Mermaids date back to the ancient times of the Greeks as the mythological Sirens. As sirens, they enchanted sailors with their enchanting voices luring them to their doom. However, mermaids have also been said to enjoy combing their hair with shells while enjoying a clear day's sunshine. One of the most famous mermaid tales is by Hans Christian Andersen called The Little Mermaid. This fairytale has spun several movies, tv-shows, and novels.
    Today, "The Little Mermaid" (and all mermaids) still continue to capture the hearts of illustrators and artists alike unleashing a wide range of perceptions for mermaid appearances. Creating the unseen, mythical, and magical always draws out the fun in art. There are no limitations for the imagination, so I encourage you to try out something mythical to bring out your artist side this summer! I hope you enjoy this arrangement of mermaid artwork.

‘The Little Mermaid’
 by Jeannie Harbour (1932)
for the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen.

The Little Mermaid illustrations by Charles Santore

By Claire Fletcher
The Little Mermaid illustration by Charles Birmingham
These two pieces above are also adaptations of The Little Mermaid  by illustrator Rie Crammer.
Digital Artwork
Vintage Mermaid Decals

I love the face details in this piece below:
You might be wondering why this line-up of mermaids artwork seems out of place. This category of art is known as character design. Character design artists have close ties to concept artists, illustrators, and storyboard artists. These artists specifically draw people- "characters," that might take on a role in some form of animation, story illustration, video game, etc... This piece above may not be for character design. However, I am pretty sure it follows a similar nature. Character design artwork rarely has a detailed background if any. The focus is solely on the character. Mediums and art styles vary for character design providing a lot of artistic freedom. I have always thought these artists have some of the most fun in their work. The colors, simplicity, and doodle-like qualities of character design art truly evoke the imagination.  As you can see, realism is not a defining factor from the size proportions, scales, and other attributes of the mermaids. If you enjoy this type of art style above, I have more images saved on my "Concept Art" board on Pinterest.  

By Gabby Zapata
By Lissy Marlin

Mingjue Helen Chen
By David Cochard
The Little Mermaid illustration by Dorothy Lathrop 

By CaseyRobinArt on Etsy

By Scott Gustafson
I hope you enjoyed this mermaid collection! Have a wonderful summer!