Tuesday, April 14, 2015

NEWS: What?! A New Blog!

Hi online viewers! You might have noticed I have a new blog about cyberspace, love, and online dating. I've also been pinning a lot of related pins on Pinterest on the topic. This is part of major project I am working on so please be patient as my art posts will be a little slow in coming out. I would encourage everyone to check it out and send me your feed back as it would be most appreciated. It's called You, Me, & Our Online Relationship. My mission statements and goals are outlined in the page tags above at the top of site. You can also change how the material is presented by clicking "classic." Anyways, I have a lot of watercolor project posts in development to kick off the summer that I think you all will enjoy. Have a great day!

By Jordan Kennedy

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Frozen Art Collection

Frozen, the Disney animated film phenomena, has enchanted to world twice over and even after almost two years since the film's release. It has enchanted audiences young and old alike, even artists it seems. On Pinterest, the number of Frozen art illustrations have exploded. Apparently, not a soul can "let it go"  and so the world, it seems, is "frozen" on Frozen. Today, I thought I'd share some of that heart-binding magic:

By The Disney Illustrators
By Brittney Lee

By Brittney Lee
By Whitestar 

By Ann Marcellino
By: Lisa Keene

By Hidden Blondie

Medium: Watercolor

The following six art pieces are by illustrator, Brittney Lee for the Disney children's book A Sister More Like Me. However, Brittney Lee also played a major part in the character and background visual development for the film Frozen. You can find much of her concept art at her blog's website "The Art of Brittney Lee." 

Love these cute illustrations by Brittney Lee? Check out the book A Sister More Like Me for more! You can also check out Brittney's blog here on Blooger or my Pinterest Board of the same name.

I hope you enjoyed this art collection as much as I have. The colors and playfulness of all the artwork  is very beautiful. The characters offer a lot of opportunities to experiment and channel your creative juices. If you are looking for more Frozen artwork (official), I would recommend "The Art of Frozen." 
For more on my Pinterest account, check out the following boards: Disney's Frozen, Brittney Lee, & Disney Concept Art.