Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Cat Collection

Today's post is a collection of cat artwork from various artists. It makes me think of my two kitties at home. I miss them... Now back to art. Most of the artwork are actually watercolors. Watercolors can range in difficulty. I have found them to be difficult because they leave no room for mistakes. They are  often favored for having such playful colors, requiring limited materials, and for the most part being mess free.  Other mediums require stronger solutions like turpentine and have thicker paints. More work is required to clean brushes, while watercolors only require water. Watercolors are layered on top of each other starting with lights and moving to darks.  Flat and thin brushes are used for this medium and a special, stocky (or thick) paper is used instead of canvas.
I just adore this cat's face. Too cute!

I just love their fish tails!

This looks just like my cat, Snow. It is also a watercolor. The pillow really draws the attention to the cat's white fur. Additionally, it compliments the background and green eyes of the cat. White is a hard color to use for watercolors. In most cases, the areas you wish to leave white are left unpainted.

I like the stars and swirls. I am not positive on the medium. However, the painting was definitely done on canvas.