Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Artistic Magic of Fairies

    Fairies have captured the hearts of all ages in many tales and stories. They are magical and mythical. Thus, giving artists a wide range of possibilities in creating their appearance. Fairies are wonderful to create because they are the imagination run wild. They are small, winged-humans who live in forest and gardens. They live in villages and wear clothing made from plants (or gowns). Most fairies are good and have the power to grant wishes or cast spells.

This is a depiction of a elegant, life-sized fairy. The blurred background gives depth and a 3-D effect. The artist is a great shader. The hair is beautifully golden.  I love it!

Take a peek at the sunlight and how it reflects on the fairy. I love the aspect of the sun. It brings so much life to the picture. They light colors are very fun.