Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Masterpiece of Animation: Fantasia

    Fantasia was a 1940 movie produced by Walt Disney. It is a timeless classic despite having little to no dialog! The film mirrors Walt's Silly Symphonies (a animated tv show done only to music) with its' musical attributes.  A sequel of Fantasia was created, called Fantasia 2000. The animation in both films is utterly fantastic! The movies make classical music fun!  Below are scenes from the (first) film and inspired artwork. Enjoy!
*Sorry about largely spaced pictures! I'm not sure why that keeps happening!
Don't you love the stars? 

I love how Disney portray magic and pixie dust! It's too cute!!!

Notice the dotted background of blues. See how the fairy trail is also made of dots. Dots can do wonders.

I adore the soft, fluffy, and brightness of the colors. This is hand-drawn animation at its' best.

She is so pretty! I love her warm smile, the soft colors in her dress, and her pink hair.

It's Magic!
I like how the background is done in this scene. Especially, how the color jumps from green to black with in-between shades of blue. Also, notice the blurred reflection in the water. 
Check out the gum-ball bushes!
I love the swirls of color  in this one.

I will probably post more pictures because I love the art in this movie! Now, I will do non-Disney movies too! I want to be fair. Well, anyways....I hope you enjoyed!

*Hey! These images are great wallpapers for your electronic devises.