Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Art Of the Sea

Hello again! I have ocean inspired artwork today to celebrate summer. So while your slipping your feet into the sand how about a ocean landscape painting or sketch? Get a chair and work away while tanning in the sun! You can capture the sunrise and sunset forever or just take a picture
(and do it later). The important thing is to get out and enjoy the day! You can always paint on a rainy day. Art is therapy too! You need to fit it in sometime. Anyways I just adore nautical and ocean stuff. I bought an old vintage postcard of a beach sunset. Every time I look at it I wish I was there.  The bright colors are inviting, exciting, and fun!

Now is this not just so cute? Very Creative!!!!!!

I hope this inspired you to try a landscape painting! Though, I would at least take in the color combinations, brush strokes, and media used.