Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Art of Postcards Returns

      I love traveling to new places. However, I have not ventured as far as I would like. Pictures fill this void. Postcards, in particular, capture the greatest beauty a place can offer. They seem at times way too perfect, but fill the mind with awe. I guess that is why I love postcards, especially vintage ones. Vintage  postcards are hard to find. Once, when there was only black and white photos, artists would hand-color the photo and thus create a postcard. This skill has died, but the art should not. I want to bring back the art of postcards once more. Enjoy!

I encourage you to buy or print a postcard. Just looking at it can make one travel. They are great bookmarks, inspiration, and hang-ups. You can add them into your journal to remember a trip. Or use them in a scrapbook. If you want to find more look at my older posts.