Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Art of Barbie Dolls: An Unknown Masterpiece

 We all know this beauty queen...Barbie! Yah, flash backs... Well, believe it or not barbie is a piece of art herself! I know. Stay with me. When Barbie hit the streets in 1959, she was the hottest toy in town.  She still is. More and more dolls come out every year, but how? Artists! Yes, the Barbie name brand has their own team of artists who design the new dolls (a.k.a doll designers). It has amazed me how many men and women brought these dolls to life. As a fashion icon, Barbie has been through several style changes over the years with new looks arriving seasonal like any ordinary fashion line. Just like any other fashion company, clothing designers create fashion sketches and illustrations to showcase possible creations for the next Barbie. Below you will find some of these very same illustrations, many of which are by one of my favorite Barbie designers, Robert Best.

 Here are some advertisements of Barbie in the 70's. They scream the time period with burst of color swirls.

Sometimes it's nice to slip back into the past and look at old art. 
Hope you enjoyed!
I will be back with more artists, art, and my own art too!!!!