Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Art of Sheilah Beckett

      Hello everyone! Today I would like to introduce Sheilah Beckett. She was an illustrator who was hired for advertisements, the little golden books, cards, ect... She was one of the first women illustrators.    Fairytales illustrations have always been her favorite. You can learn more about her story on  Her artwork expresses a lot of cheerfulness from bright, vivid colors. The scene above is from the Twelve Dancing Princesses.
Take notice the bold colors and curved shapes. Also, the simplicity of the eyes that still give character. The dresses are not as detailed, but have small elements that define them. Take a peek at their hair styles. It gives various positions to try.
More detail here: the dotted pattern on the bottom,  peacock pattern in the sleeves, polka-dots on the bottom rim of pink, a dot and star patterns on the sleeves, the ruffled trim, snowflake-like earrings, ect..
These are all from the twelve dancing princesses. Now the rest are from different stories.

What you can take away from this is creation simple shapes or doodle marks to make patterns like the ones on their clothing (most consist of crosses, stars, dots, wave lines, slits, ect..). Try coming up with little patterns as a trim for a picture or around your name and try it out. A little bit of color, quirkiness, and some lines can go along way. Like her trip around the dress in the image above. Look at these wild color combinations! Try them out.