Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Art of Postcards

   Traveling over the summer or dreaming of a relaxing get-away? Well, I have something for you! These are vintage postcards of exotic locations. There was a time when postcards were mainly drawings or illustrations rather than real photos. You can even find them around today in some places. I have seen in stores where you can buy prints.  These postcards are fun, colorful, and just happy. It's nice to look at them and imagine yourself there. Here's a few things you could try:

1) Take one and pin it up in your room, office, or locker.

2) Print it out as a bookmark or enlarge it and make it a binder cover.

3) Try creating one yourself.

4) Get some ideas from them to make your own postcards when your on vacation.

I hope you enjoy! Oh! You have some ideas too? Please share by email or comment.

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