Friday, October 12, 2012

Coming Soon...

Sorry Guys! I was been so occupied by work free-time has been hard to come by:(  However,  I am trying to finish a picture for a art competition. The deadline is soon...too soon! I was able to doodle something which I will post soon. I am thinking of starting another blog.  Anyways, fall is rolling in and it is a great time to create some festive decor for the season.

  1.   Tissue Paper Leaves: Well, look up leaf patterns on the internet and print them. Then, trace the leaf patters on tissue paper ( colors: red, yellow, orange, brown) very carefully with a marker. Cut out the tissue paper leaves and tape them on your windows so it gives the effect of falling leaves. If you prefer stock paper or just paper instead of tissue paper that is perfectly fine. Both work.
  2. Paper Masks: Online you can find outlines of masks that look like a coloring sheet. Prints these guys out and decorated them. Or trace them onto stock paper or scrapbook paper. Punch out a hole on either side and tie string. You can also decide to decorate your paper mask to add to a scrapbook or just hang it up somewhere for looks! From cute to spooky, from halloween to a party, from a costume to artwork your mask can be numerous things! I will send in some examples!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Old Art Work Of Mine

Blur, Sky, what ever you want to call it;)
Minnie Mouse

J the Letter