Friday, September 21, 2012

Collecting Ideas-The Why, How, and Getting Started

   I have grown a liking to illustrations of old fairy tales. They are classic, vintage, and inspiring. How?
Every illustrator depicted the story differently making it rather enjoyable to pick and choose what you like. As a craft project they can be used as cards, gift tags, paper dolls, ect... (if you want more ideas let me know). For writers, they can give you inspiration on what to write about and a romantic element to your stories. For everyone else, I believe these illustrations are ideas to add into your collection. Creating a space for your ideas is very helpful when projects come up. A image file folder, a binder,  a notebook, or a box are just a few examples of places to store your ideas.  The most important thing is collecting ideas in your own way that are yours. 
I will be posting more images.